Sunday, November 07, 2004

SLU's retiring employees

I cannot believe this. I went to visit my Alma Mater's site and in one of their features were retiring employees of the University. At least three of them have been my instructors way back then. Geez, are they that old now or am I really getting old? Noooo!!!

Just to give you an idea, Boni, the emcee was in his 5th year in Engineering when I was a freshman. He used to be so thin. He loved to head the Tagisan ng Talino. He could also sing if you want to know. Now he earned my admiration. Given that he was gifted, he could have opted to leave the country in search of a greener pasture. How I am surprised that he is still in the Philippines and still at SLU at that. I will not be surprised if he is the dean of whatever department now. My former classmate is now a candidate for that position in our department and she's definitely younger than Boni.

Men, those recently retired instructors were good instructors. I am glad they were not part of the brain drain. I can also tell that they loved the University well.


Anonymous Kepweng said...

@ Ting- aling: may i know nu inya ka nga batch?

9:22 AM  
Anonymous misterboy said...

We used to call Boni "inspector mills". that was siguro his favorite song kasi he always sing that.

1:29 AM  

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