Thursday, November 04, 2004

Some familiar schools

We had quite a few reputable schools. Saint Louis University was the best school in the city. Belgian Priests ran it. This University at one time had the biggest library in the Philippines. The library was about 9 floors high with various specialized departments like the Filipiniana. SLU bred the cream of the crop from all walks of life as proud professionals.

The oldest nursing school then was Baguio General Hospital School of Nursing. It’s now defunct due to government budgetary constraints. A lot of my relatives including my brother were products of this school. There was also Pines City Doctors’ Hospital School of Nursing.

There was also University of Baguio and Baguio Central University. Baguio Colleges was not yet a university but I heard that it is now. Both the presidents of UB and BCF were directors of a company I worked for in my early 20s.

Baguio also had an International School called Brent School. A lot of foreign students mostly children of officers and managers from Camp John Hay and then Benguet Corporation went to this school. It was the only school that actually made use of the football grounds at Burnham Park what it was meant to be for.

Prior to the big earthquake in 1990, there were two high schools exclusive for girls and 1 high school exclusive for boys. The Holy Family Academy had co-ed elementary but girls-exclusive for high school. And then there is Saint Louis Girls’High School and Saint Louis Boys’High School. There was also UB Science High School and this school was co-ed. To be accepted at this school, one had to pass some kind of entrance examination.

Baguio City High School is a government national high school and from what my late mother told me, she was Bert Nievera’s classmate at this school. You read it right, Bert the father of Martin Nievera.

We also have UP Baguio. This school was often used as an entry school to get to UP Diliman. From what I understand, most of the students if they do not get accepted at UP Diliman because of course quota restrictions, they enrol here first and moved to Diliman the next semester. I don’t know how it worked but that’s how my high school classmates did it. A foot-in-the-door kind of thing.

There were other schools of course but there are two more I would like to mention, the Maryknoll School where most of the rich kids went to and the SPED Centre where mentally challenged kids learned. Me? I only went to a “Mababang Paaralan”. f


Blogger watson said...

Hello ting aling! Boy's High is no longer exclusively for boys. It's co-ed now, because apparently exclusivity is now being frowned upon and surprisingly, enrollment has been decreasing. I learned of this only last night, when my high school best friends visited our place and they informed me that our batch has a website, Yes, it's a cheesy name, made me want to make a site of our own. hahaha

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BCF or Baguio College Foundation is now UC or University of of their student's topped the 2007 Bar Exams...a second for them...

I've heard as well that Girls' High isn't exclusive for girls anymore...


10:46 PM  
Anonymous PinoyNoir said...

Univ. of Baguio if I remember right used to be Baguio Tech? They had this gym that also featured concerts along with 'big event' basketball games.

10:16 AM  
Blogger paulnoel said...

Don't forget St. Theresas' College where Margie Moran, Miss Universe 1974 attended High School while I was in elementary then. I believe it's St. Louis High School Co-ed now..

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that maryknoll was also known as marishan school... I graduated there early eighties...

6:07 PM  
Blogger Jerzam Pamonag said...

Pines City Doctors' Hospital School of Nursing later on became Pines City Educational Center and now the Pines City Colleges, Inc. both owned and operated by the Thorntons International studies and the Nueva Ecija Doctors' Colleges and the Nueva Ecija Doctors' Hospital in Cabanatuan City. both was the Pioneer in Nursing Education since 1969

8:25 PM  

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