Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Day

Today, my husband and I went out for a walk. Our kids do not want to go out with us anymore. Anyway, we decided to go down to the Quay. Many years ago, this area was so dead. When I first came here, in the corner right where these buildings are built was a home for the druggies. I am glad our city council has decided to rejuvenate this area and this block has actually become the priciest place in town. An unit with just 1 bedroom and a den is now worth $300,000.

From the 2 buildings above, this building looked so huge but from where we took this pictures, it actually wasn't. It was because of the irregular shape from the other perspective that made this building look so huge.

We also went inside the Quay Market to have a sip. A view from below and from the top. How about a slice of pizza and some calamari? I had a Beaver Tail pastry with cream cheese.

Trick or treaters were allowed to go trick or treating inside the market. Two subjects willingly posed for me. The younger, about over a year was so shy. Not the older one though, I tell you.


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