Friday, January 20, 2006

Just a Typical Baguio Joke

I just got back from a trip to Baguio and this is what I got. Well, yes, just a typical Baguio Joke.

One day, a guy was walking down Session Road and decided to take a taxi to La Trinidad. He was lucky to get a taxi right away but he wanted to make sure that he knew what he was going to pay for so he asked the driver "Mano ti bayad nu i-drive nak idiay Trinidad?"(how much would I pay if you had to drive me to Trinidad?).

The taxi driver asked him back "maymaysam?" (Are you alone?) to which the man answered back, "apay haan ka nga umay?"(why, are you not going with me?)

This joke really gave me a blast. I could have lots and lots of Baguio jokes..from kiangan bread to painting the town red.

Have you got one?