Wednesday, February 02, 2005


EVERLASTING!! That's what Baguio is known for during the months of March and April when graduation exercises happen. When I was young, our relatives from the lowlands would come and visit us and just before they go back, they would buy these leis as presents to our relatives who would be graduating.

As a person growing up in Baguio, I used to think it was so "baduy" to be wearing one of them. However, as I was scanning through my pictures when I was younger, I just realized I had one hanging on my neck when I graduated from elementary. Oh well, I can't deny it now. It was given by one of my aunts as her way of recognizing my effort to bag an award.

Seriously though, these everlasting flowers are truly what their name implies..everlasting. They make good bouquets when they're fresh and last forever once they're dry. Sad to say that i have never appreciated their beauty until I went around Pike Market in Seattle where a few stores sold them. They were so expensive. A bunch cost about $8.

I bought a few for our home. It must be the presentation that made all the difference. 'gotta show some pictures to my friends who own some flower shops in Baguio when i go home this year.